Wyndham Construction & Engineering
D E S I G N / B U I L D

"Wyndham's design/build knowledge substantially reduced our project costs without compromising quality."

Every Wyndham project, whether large or small, gets all the attention it deserves. First, all projects start in our engineering division which lays the groundwork for a successful project. Most problems, if any, will appear in this phase. It’s here where details are scrutinized, schedules are determined, and the project’s overall scope will be established. After significant review and refinement, projects move to our construction division where all the elements are put together to produce a cohesive, understandable plan. This process, where everything is done under one roof, streamlines every project that passes through our doors.

We're proud to be known for our ability to fast-track projects. More importantly, by utilizing our design/build services, you'll allow yourself the flexibility of making timely changes which otherwise may unnecessarily delay your project.